Reverse Engineer a Fruit

 Amy Brown is an Arkansan gal transplanted and thriving in California.  She makes giant fruit, gemstone and hug pillows at her Jumbo Jibbles design business, and makes art under Artworms Brown. Feeling "small" is analogous to feeling transported and surrounded by magic, and making large things facilitates this world-building. Sewing and making patterns is her top skill, and while it's been useful to make fun things in the past she's been pushed to her limits during the crisis making masks. Since being laid off from her job at a children's museum during the pandemic, Amy is co-curating a museum of arts and sciences in a hallway with the kids in her apartment complex.  Her goal is to write a book for children about collecting, observing, and making their own museums and art galleries.  

Create a flat sewing pattern from a 3D object from your kitchen. Works best with clementines and bananas. No need to sew- this lesson is about pattern creation and the transformation of 2D images to 3D objects.