How to Escape While Staying in Place

Carissa Potter lives and works in Oakland, California. Her prints and small – scale objects reflect her hopeless romanticism through their investigations into public and private intimacy. Speaking both humorously and poignantly to the human condition, Carissa’s work touches chords we all can relate to – exploring situations we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives and conveying messages we simply long to hear.


At night, when I cannot sleep, or in the shower, or actually right now, sometimes I catch myself drifting off somewhere. I feel a tightness in my body. Like if my skin were walls they would be closing in, smushing my organs into tight balls of muscle. The only way out is through a complex network of past experiences and longings for unknown futures where things are different. This video and download invite you to imagine where you would go. And lets you explore the surroundings there. Take as long as you need it. And place it in a safe space knowing that it will be there, to visit, anytime.