Artist as Muse:

Surreal Life Drawing

Los Angeles based Elena Stonaker is a multi-media artist working in interactive textile installation, painting, sculpture, design, video, and participatory audience experiences. With a deep interest in exploring a crossover between art and a wide spectrum of healing modalities and creation mythology from around the globe, Stonaker creates hyper-feminine surreal worlds based on archetypal visual language, using softness, beauty and comfort to create a safe space to explore shadow and discomfort.


A self-guided immersive creative experience open to all levels of artists and non-identifying artists... The intention of this activity is to create an environment of nourishing beauty, togetherness, and meditative collective creative healing and storytelling.  

 The project started as an experiment of gathering friends and strangers in her living room to draw together. It has developed and grown, and now it has come full circle with Elena modeling in her own living room virtually to you in yours.

Accompanying playlist can be found here