Backyard Contours

Hannah Perrine Mode is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working at the confluence of visual art, community storytelling, and polar science. She creates objects and installations as proxies for climate change, Earth systems, and human connection. Through public engagement and performance, she facilitates ways to bring the vastness of geologic time to an intimate human scale. Often combining place-based making with participatory events, she teaches art as a tool for creative thinking, science communication, and public outreach – utilizing abstract art to deepen the connection to geologic forces and foster an intersectional approach to climate justice.

I have been drawing blind contours of plants in my backyard each afternoon. It feels like a way of tending to the garden and to myself, tracing plants and flowers with my eye and my pen as a kind of slow meditation.

This gentle practice is meant to be low-stress, imprecise, and fun. You can use the same method to draw a plant in your backyard, your pet in your apartment, your pals on a zoom call. Spend ten minutes, or an hour, or ninety seconds. Add color, or not. This kind of drawing is just for you.