Intentional Tea Painting

Hiba Schahbaz was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She works primarily with paper, black tea, and water-based pigments. She depicts women’s bodies while referencing self-portraiture, creating a space for herself and other women to tell their stories and reclaim their histories. Since migrating to the United States, her practice has expanded from miniature painting to human-scale works on paper.


Step 1: Make tea (or coffee) - I use teabags - Lipton

Step 2: You will need paper (any kind), water, a paintbrush, and watercolor optional

Step 3: Decide what you want to paint

Step 4: Say a quick prayer/ intention before you paint - I dedicated my painting to the doctors and nurses on the front line

Step 5: Paint with tea

Step 6: Admire your artwork

Step 7: Try again or take a nap