"Stuck at Home"

Drawing/ ASMR

Jeff Cheung is a Bay Area based, Chinese-American artist, who is the co-founder of Unity Press and Unity Skateboard Company.

Cheung’s bright figurative work celebrates queerness within their personal life and within skate culture. They are a prolific maker, whose vivacious art examines freedom, identity, and intersectionality, through bold color and intertwined characters. Cheung’s figures stem from their queer zine making practice and have grown into larger than life paintings. On canvas their playful androgynous characters fearlessly take up space, blend together and playfully unite in non-binary identities. Their genderless body positive world questions the boundaries of sexuality, body, gender, and race. Cheung’s simplistic line-work of gender nonspecific bodies offers a clever yet loving response to the heteronormative male gaze creating a more inclusive and accessible entry point.