Making Play Dough

Margaret Timbrell (b. Brazil) is a text-based needlework artist with a multi-disciplinary degree from NYU. Her work is inspired by various influences (such as technology, parenthood, and social media) that alter language and inter-personal engagement. Timbrell has exhibited around the US and featured in the SF Examiner, LA Times, Bust Magazine. In 2012 she was selected as a Heart Artist for SF General’s annual fundraiser. From 2015 to 2017Timbrell participated in the StARTup Fair. Currently, Timbrell is a studio artist and board member at Root Division. She is also participating in Lenka Clayton’s Artist Residency in Motherhood and in 2018 Timbrell will be the Artist in Residence at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.


Making playdough at home is super easy and satisfying. It requires flour, oil, water, cream of tartar, and optionally food dye. Basically you mix all the ingredients together in a nonstick pan, cook while constantly stirring, and very quickly the dough comes together. The BEST part is dumping out the dough and kneading it while still warm. To take it to the next level you can bake your playdough creations- handprints in a small circle, small sculptures, etc. to harden your dough into a permanent object. Then paint those objects!