Homophonic Translation

Vanessa Hope Schneider is a writer, poet, and performance artist. She wrote and performed with the San Francisco Neo-Futurists from 2016-2019, and in collaboration with Christian Jankowski for his piece "Silicon Valley Talks," which was commissioned by the SF MoMA. She is the creator of America I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down a zine featuring visual art, poetry, and essays from dozens of contributors who used their work to raise money for the Equal Justice Initiative in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

I will lead viewers through the practice of creating a homophonic translation—turning a text in a language the creator doesn't speak, into a poem in a language they do speak. I think this process is soothing because it asks the creator to let words dissolve into sound and music. I also think this process can be quite surprising, because the words that pop out may be unlike anything the creator would have written on their own.