A View Finder

Zach Clark is an Oakland, CA based artist, educator, and publisher. He received his BFA from University of Illinois Chicago, and MFA from University of California Davis. His work is rooted in locational memory and is based in the intersection of printmaking, photography, and publication. Baseball makes him emotional. He publishes as National Monument Press, a publishing project focused on supporting uniquely American stories through small edition printed matter and curatorial projects, completed largely through collaboration with other artists. He is the residency director for the California Society of Printmakers, and one half of Chute, an East Bay Riso studio. He has shown in galleries and fairs, work in collections, and eaten croissants across North America.


A practice that really comes from the brain of Corita Kent, using a view finder is a way of looking at the world around you in a new way. By cutting a small rectangular hole into a piece of paper, you can use your view finder to scan your living room or back yard to discover small moments and connections your larger scope of vision often is too busy taking in the whole scene to even notice. This is especially exciting in place you are too familiar with to notice the texture of the ceiling pant, the roundedness of a rectangular doorway, or the way the light shines thru branches at different times of the day.